Saturday, 31 March 2012

Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna

Marina and the Diamonds straddles a line between intensely satirical or painfully truthful and it is sometimes hard to discern on which side she means to fall. Her latest single ‘Primadonna’ sees her start off sickly sweet, showcasing her criminally underrated vocals, before pounding out enough synthesizer to make any club DJ proud. She’s certainly not slow about her output, as ‘Primadonna’ is already the third song she has released off her forthcoming album ‘Electra Heart’, and all of them have been huge unabashed pop songs. Her voice retains a caustically bitter tone as she spits out lyrics which manage to simultaneously mock and worship the greedy world we live in (get what I want because I asked for it/not because I’m really that deserving of it), something which is becoming a common theme of her songs. Subverting pop music one single at a time, Marina and the Diamonds is clearly not a lady to be messed with.

Jessy Parker        

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