Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sound Inbox #3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our regular rundown of the best music we here at Sound Influx get submitted to us via email and our soundcloud Dropbox!

Dashius Clay

"cross Dashius Clay is like genocide" spits the rapper from Cali, Colombia. 'Who Am I' however sounds less like mass murder, rather a strong punch to the gut (fitting as his name is surely a pun of Muhammad Ali's real name Cassius Clay). With a smooth flow and impressively accomplished production (sounding not too dissimilar to Clams Casino) Dashius Clay blends often witty lyrics with genuine effort to create a veritable melting pot of what modern rap music sounds like. Sure it's not exactly going to revolutionise the game, but it's certainly not holding back rap's progress and is an impressive effort from a lesser known artist. 

For more info check out Dashius Clay's facebook here

Dead Night

If you're looking for new droning synth music, then you need Dead Night. The new york duo peddle strung out nuggets of moody synth-pop bliss, most notably on the standout from their 'Movie' EP, Flatliners. The name of their game is arpeggiated electronic trickery, with nonchalant vocal delivery which ought to be mundane as phrases like "nothing to do" are chanted again and again, but instead rub off as emotive and meaningful, sort of like fellow New Yorker Paul Banks of Interpol.

The EP is ace, and can be found at their bandcamp here

Vapor Eyes

Chicago based producer Vapor Eyes has just released a collection of 14 instrumental beats titled ‘Golden Beats Volume #1’. He says within his music you’ll find ‘a hip-hop heart that pumps blood into the arteries of downtempo, trip-hop and psychedelic territories’ and I can’t find a more fitting description than that. Incredibly chill with frequent samples, this is well produced for a bedroom project. Think Flying Lotus mixed with 60s Psychedelia and a garage drum beat.

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Toby McCarron

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