Sunday, 25 March 2012

Blood Red Shoes - In Time To Voices

First things first. Things I am not going to mention in this review: Twitter, You Me At Six, the boring album art. Now that’s understood, I can talk exclusively about this band and record.
This is now Blood Red Shoes’ third album. The album that will realistically decide whether they’re going to remain a mid-size, slightly cultish band, or whether we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them across larger spaces for the foreseeable future. Judging on the tour size they’ve got coming up, they’re not entirely sure themselves, so what does the music have to say?

Well, from the start onwards, it becomes apparent that whilst there’s no bold and daring moves, Blood Red Shoes still do their thing better than their pretenders. Opening track 'In Time To Voices' is reminiscent of 2:54 (who supported them on their last tour) yet manages to exude power that just isn’t there with a lot of the new act. 'Lost Kids' seems to be a return to the Blood Red Shoes of old, but with more maturity. It’s a fuller sounding 'Say Something, Say Anything' whilst lead single 'Cold' just screams a rugged live atmosphere at you.

This then is the “grown up” record from the South coast duo. At times, making indie rock grow up can seem a bit boring, 'The Silence And Drones' and 'Night Light' are questionable examples of a struggle in the transformation, but that’s all dispelled with 'Je Me Perds'. It’s erratic yet somehow in control and it kind of turns the record’s borderline morosity around.
Sure it’s a bit Kills, a bit Cage the Elephant, a bit Cribs and a bit reserved towards the back end, but it’s Blood Red Shoes and it’s going to make their live show something even more dominant in it’s genre.


Braden Fletcher

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