Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot Chip - Flutes

I have banned myself from listening to Hot Chip in public places, such as the bus or on the street. I find it really hard to restrain myself from dancing in a robotic, idiotic way. After listening repeatedly to their latest offering, I can pretty safely bet that the new album (released on the 11th of June) won’t change my ‘no dancing in public’ rule in any way. ‘Flutes’ is a pretty goddamn funky track from start to finish, and within seconds I found myself doing that dance, the kind of embarrassing dance that only dads do in order to humiliate their children.

Starting with weird, repetitive chanting, it builds, nay evolves into a danceable, beautiful, brilliant track. It involves Alexis’ distinctively beautiful voice weaving harmonies over typical Hot Chip beats with some 80’s noises thrown in for good measure. As usual, I have no idea what the lyrics are or what significance they have (if any), but what I do know is that this is a perfectly catchy, addictive oddball comeback as only Hot Chip could do. As one YouTube comment says; ‘great to hear Hot Chip come back with such a blinder.’ I eagerly await the 11th June, and hope the rest of the album is as bloody brilliant as this!

Holly Read-Challen 

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