Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rae Morris Live @ Edinburgh Sneaky Pete's


I contemplated leaving the whole review with simply that one word. Describing the 25 minutes of pure perfection experienced, while rising star Rae Morris graced Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s stage on Wednesday. No words in any review, I feel personally can give justice to Rae live, or can praise her work highly enough. But here goes.

She may have come across perhaps a little nervous from first encounter, however as soon as she hit the keys, her passion for performing shone out, and her personality left everyone with a smile on their face. After the first song it was apparent the crowd were in so much awe of what they had just heard, clapping proved a difficult task, due to the fact we all longed for her voice to be preserved within the atmosphere; and making any other noise would spoil the peace. But then at the same time clapping didn’t seem enough to get across our total enjoyment and love. 
It was her track “Day One” now famously recognised from Watch Listen Tell’s Youtube Channel, that left Sneaky Pete’s in total mesmerised shock. Along with tracks such as  “Back to Front”, and her finishing number “Walls” which showed off her enchanting and skillful vocal range, that she uses with total ease; another admirable quality of Rae’s raw talent. Then there is my personal favourite “Wait a While”, now featuring on Burberry Acoustic sessions that left me in a state; bringing a little trickle of felicity to my eye. Honestly she has the power to turn a room into a pool of joy; it has been done!

The gig reinforced my opinion that she has an amazing writing talent, and it was clear the lyrics obviously meant something personal to her, unlike a lot of generated rubbish churned out by the industry on a daily basis. Also throughout the gig, while I tried to compare her to other maybe similar artists around, I believe Rea’s songs have no aspects when I think to myself “This is boring”, which others do such as Laura Marling. Again another commendable credit to her for jumping that huge hurdle.

Not only are Rae Morris’ unique voice and lyrical compositions mesmerising, she genuinely is one of the most truly lovely girls I have ever met. Charming the crowd by thanking them throughout her set and making clear she would love to chat to everyone at the end. Bless her.

There is no debate that in a very short space of time her career will rocket. In a cheesy sense I feel really lucky to have witnessed her magic in the perfect little venue while she moves up the music ladder. I predict, whether a small crowd in an alley way gig venue in Edinburgh, to a sell out show in the heart of London; she will always have the power to leave the crowd - speechless.

Ailsa Morris

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