Monday, 12 March 2012

2:54 - You're Early

I don’t know the exact moment when 2:54 stopped being an exciting prospect and turned into every also-ran grunge band that ever lived rolled into one big ball of meh. You’re Early has it all: the mock dreamy vocals that turn from enigmatic to wailing in the most hideously laboured way possible , the guitars that jangle and build without ever really going anywhere and the clipped drum sound that appears to be competing with all the other elements to see which can sound the most obvious and unchallenging. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a thirty second trailer to a particularly edgy episode of Hollyoaks. With the thrillingly rough edges of their early output now completely gone, 2:54 have completed the challenging feat of destroying all the good they promised in two succinct tracks. And if this is what the singles sound like, I’m quaking at the depths of mundanity that their forthcoming coming album’s filler tracks will reach.

Ned Powley 

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