Wednesday, 28 March 2012

El-P - The Full Retard

A Wu-Tang sound replete with New Yoik accents and record scratch noises, an incessant noise that lingers in the background akin to the ones Left brain scatters about his beats, pitched up vocals and the fact that beat never really drops, instead existing on a perpetual knife edge, it threatens to push forward and stop you dead but chooses to pull back at the last minute and return to scaring the shit out of the listener. It’s got the looped vocals and all over the place instrumentation of Death Grips and doom-mongering lyrics. The Full Retard is the sound of hip-hop’s history being blown apart and stitched together freehand. The song doesn’t sound like it’s been recorded, more that it’s just appeared from thin air and El-P is manipulating it as he goes, twisting it and exploring every corner and crevice of it. In its glorious final 30 seconds, The Full Retard strips itself back to a ferocious flow and a hammering hair metal guitar sample that burns into your head. Like the rest of the track, it’s a juxtaposition of horrific and humorous that doesn’t sound deliberate or obvious.

Ned Powley

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