Tuesday, 13 March 2012

S/S/S - Museum Day

After the shambles of Lou-tallica at the end of last year and the recent vomit inducing Skrillex & Korn mash-ups, musical collaborations aren't necessarily sought after at the moment.

But do not fear! Banjo-folk oddball pioneer Sufjan Stevens, New York experimental producer Son Lux and hip-hop artist Serengeti have joined alliterative forces (the group's title, S/S/S) to blow all the questionable collaborations out of the water! On paper, the trio's styles working together may seem a bit messy, but Museum Day is lean and finely tuned with a just mix of all 3 artists seeing their quirks thrive rather than be over-shadowed.

Fans of Sufjan's 2010 release 'Age of Adz' will find plenty to love from his contributions. Modulated vocals waver up and down robotically, systematically ordering "make it right, make it right, energy'. It's very much a logical step in Sufjan's progression into electronic music and a possible hint at where he might go next on his own; those expecting another 'Illinois' style grand record or another tender 'Seven Swans' may will be left cold if this is the direction he chooses.

The 6 minute track morphs throughout, chopping and changing satisfyingly, fully justifying its running time. Son Lux's production is smooth and on point, even throwing in some crashing symbols towards the songs climax, giving extra gravitas to Sufjan's emphatic repetition of "I am recovering". Meanwhile Serengeti fills the rest of the track with a smooth flow, rapping not about weed and bitches but instead taking a more philosophical and reflective stance, not too far from a Jay Electronica cut.

It's a forward-thinking track, modern without being tacky. And acts as an exciting taster for the group's forthcoming EP.

Toby McCarron

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