Sunday, 1 April 2012

SpaceGhostPurrp - No Evidence

My reaction to the news of SGP’s signing to 4AD was much like Stephen Malkmus’ opening howl in Pavement’s brilliant reworking of the ‘Space Ghost: Coast to Coast’ theme: “SPACEGHOOOOOOOOOST”. It’s about time that the real talent in modern swag-rap (Tyler who?) got some recognition – yet at the same time, such a move could only spell an end to his purer, ultra lo-fi days.

‘No Evidence’, however, proves that this might be no bad thing. Opening with icy, metallic synths and skeletal percussion, hurried whispers reappropriate any apprehension to pure tension which fills the twenty seconds of beat before our masked hero joins in. His flow, laconic and weed-damaged as ever has enough room to breathe within the confines of the fairly minimalist beat, a refreshing change from the spazz-hop of more recent beat makers such as Knxwledge.

Much like early R.E.M, the move away from lo-fi has revealed the unfortunate truth that is SGP’s lyrics but, perhaps that is unfairly pedantic – trillwave has never exactly been renowned for the Wildean lines it produces. It’s clear that SGP is no Heems. ‘No Evidence’s parts add up to something much greater than its losses and is, overall, a pretty top-tier debut single (if only for the middle-aged 4AD nerds it will no doubt rile up)

It looks like SpaceGhostPurrp really is living the high life. (HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH GETTIT?)

Noll Gray 

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