Monday, 17 September 2012

Live: Eyes on Film @ Proud Camden

When a Libertine joins your band, its natural that there’d be a little bit of excitement around it. So when Carl Barat announced he was joining relatively unkown Eyes on Film, naturally the Proud Galleries in Camden filled up. The converted stables always seem crowded as its one narrow corridor bustles with the borderline famous, usual Camden faces and the trendy night-trippers, so many don’t bother going through to the equally crowded main room for support The Tricks.
The band are your standard indie four-piece with a nice sheen. Sadly, even without many paying attention, they’re hardly going to light up the charts nor do they really light up the room. It’s entertaining but barely something special.

The room is far fuller in time for Eyes on Film. It starts loudly as the band sound like a mix between the likes of Art Brut and the more melodic end of Kasabian as frontman Dan Mills erratically moves about the relatively stage like a man possessed. Barat himself has a few guitar difficulties in that his trademark beaten up Fender won’t make a sound but once he gets into the feel of things he’s almost robotic to watch. After the show he indicates that he’ll stay with the band “as long as they’ll have him” and seems content with the Londoners.
All in all, there should be right things on the horizon for Eyes on Film, they may not be the best new band, but they’ve definitely got the material to let the hype that Barat’s bought with them continue in the coming months.

Braden Fletcher

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