Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OFWGKTA - The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2

The sequel to the Odd Future Tape begins with ‘Hi’ an enlightening insight into the members and history of Odd Future or “dusty ass motherfuckers” as L-Boy refers to them as. And of course the usual hijinks are there! Plenty of insults, plenty of swearing and of course, the obligatory mention of “Free Earl”

Quite a lot has changed since the first Odd Future Tape came out in 2008. Earl’s come and gone and come back again, they’ve matured a hell of a lot, and realised that they don’t have to rap about violence and misogyny to entertain people! They’ve also increased in members which makes the Tape Vol.2 feel more like Radical then the first Odd Future Tape. And like Radical, The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 is ideal for new fans as it showcases each individual of the group perfectly and as a collection of songs, is totally unique.

At times The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 comes across as repetitive with songs like ‘Bitches’, ‘We Got Bitches’ and ‘Real Bitches’ (notice a pattern there?) sounding a little too similar by following the traditional, misogynistic, aggressive Odd Future approach. Those songs will also help rile up us feminists with lyrics such as “I need a real bitch who can make French toast and suck dick”. Misogyny in hip hop? How cutting edge. It’s a tired format that makes Odd Future come across as ignorant and just plain stupid. Or maybe I’m just being cynical and taking them too seriously…

But amidst the hyperactive rapping about ‘bitches’, drugs, the Pope and the stress of fame, Frank Ocean comes crooning in with ‘White’, a chilled interlude, which would be more fitting in the middle of the 18 tracks than towards the end. But that doesn’t matter because it’s perfect. Along with ‘White’ tracks like ‘Sam (Is Dead)’, ‘Doms’, ‘NY (Ned Flander)’, and of course ‘Analog 2/Wheels 2’ – a summery follow up to tracks off Goblin and Bastard – prove that Odd Future are capable of great things.

The album ends with ‘Oldie’, a 10 minute rap free for all that features verses from every Odd Future rapper. Even Earl! That’s right, Earl is back. Tyler sums up everything that Odd Future are about in the last few seconds “So instead of critiquing and bitching, being mad as fuck just admit, not only are we talented, we're rad as fuck”. And maybe we should.


Eden Young

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