Saturday, 10 March 2012

M83 - Reunion

I considered leaving this review as ‘not as good as Midnight City’, because ‘Reunion’ doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for a single, really. It’s good, but it’s not really single material. ‘Reunion’ starts off well, with jangling guitars and cowbell-sounding percussion. The vocal may sound at first a little over-produced, but once the full backing of the track kicks in, it works. Not that I know what he’s saying most of the time, but it sounds euphoric.

Just as you are starting to get used to the track, however, there is a slightly pretentious whisper-y section which, I must admit, made me cringe slightly on first listen. With lines like ‘my body is like a lightning rod’ and ‘in the back of your parked car I could build a fort’ it all seems a little teenage, a bit hipster-tumblr. But even this bit didn’t get on my nerves as much after several listens.

‘Reunion’ seems to be channelling the same sort of 80s revival style that the soundtrack of ‘Drive’, but this song isn’t nearly sexy enough to be in that league. It’s good, but not as good as ‘Midnight City’…

Holly Read-Challen

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  1. It's intended to sound 'teenage'. I'd put it with Cut Copy or The Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition. The eerie drumming and vocal drones make this track. On every listen to Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, Reunion's always been one that sticks out as a single track, mainly due to the chorus..