Friday, 23 March 2012

Odd Future - Rella

Similar to previous releases from Odd Future, “Rella”, the first track released from ‘OF Tape Vol. 2’, is overshadowed by controversy, this time for its accompanying video. In a nutshell, Hodgy Beats fires lasers from his crotch that turn people into cats, Domo Genesis slaps a woman so hard she changes race, and Tyler, The Creator appears as a cocaine-snorting centaur. Nothing out of the ordinary for Odd Future, and nothing that will please anybody they have offended previously. Then again, did you really think they were going to behave themselves this time around?

As for the track itself, “Rella” is nothing out of the blue. Left Brain provides the music, a bouncing, attention-seeking, adrenaline shot of a backing track that runs out of steam after three-and-a-half minutes. As for the lines spat out of all three mouths; Marilyn Manson and Speedy Gonzalez are amongst the name-checked, all three talk about sex in a misogynistic way, and there is the usual mention of “swag”. Yet again, exactly what we expect from Odd Future.

“Rella” is used as a nickname for someone who does crazy things and feels no shame. Whether this is a direct reference to Odd Future themselves is up for debate. Yet there is something about “Rella” that is just so incredibly addictive, whether the video was created to shock or to amuse, it’s difficult to pry yourself away from it’s madness. And despite this being nothing groundbreaking from the rap collective, who really cares when it’s this intriguing? However, if they are expected to stay afloat in a sea of emerging rap artists, they might want to try something different. Even the most disturbing things they can dream up wouldn’t be as shocking as a new musical direction.

Calum Stephen 

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