Monday, 17 September 2012

Single: Spring Offensive - Not Drowning but Waving


Oxford quintet Spring Offensive have been busy; having toured the mid-sized festivals this summer after their fresh breeze of almost Jack Penate style in the likes of "A Stutter and Start", their new track "Not Drowning But Waving" is now out. So what does it sound like?

If the likes of their shows at the Great Escape felt like a warm summer was coming (even though it didn't), then Not Drowning But Waving is the Autumnal reflection on the somber reality of the oncoming cold snap. "There is a storm blowing in,do I have to shoulder this one? If you wade in, then I'll wade in, will I be blamed for this one?" sings Lucas Whitworth, accompanied by a full band in dark harmony. In parts, the slow build of this track feels daunting as the story unravels. You won't be blamed for wanting to sing along to the last chant of "I will be blamed for this one" as it crescendo's to an almost thunderous climax.

It's the video here that steals the show though. The band chose to direct it themselves in order to tell the story behind the lyrics but if anything the video's more cryptic and decieving as the song itself. The inevitability of the end only adds more questions to your list of..
 "What's that in the sea?" "Why is that man carrying a bunch of rocks?" "Why can't I stop watching?"

Honestly, it's left many perplexed. If you've got any thoughts feel free to let us know, but for now, just enjoy.

Braden Fletcher

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