Friday, 24 June 2011

Braids - Interview

Canadian based quartet, Braids, ooze strange charm and produce extraordinarily likeable woozy and lovelorn songs. Although coming from the same country as the feisty frontwomen from Austra and Crystal Castles (Katie Stelmanis and Alice Glass), frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston has a more delicate sensibility and harmoniously rich texture to her voice without maximum noise. Band member Katie Lee shares some facts with us that might have been on your mind; 

Are there any particular places that inspire your music?
At the moment, Calgary and Montreal. Native Speaker was written before and after our move between the two cities and is a lot about our growth in both of them.

Do you prefer touring or recording?
Both are different in their own ways and some days we prefer touring and other days we prefer recording. What's great about being able to do one thing is to tire of it, take a break, and do the other.

What's the inspiration behind the artwork for 'Native Speaker'?
Marc Rimmer who designed and took the photograph for the cover mentioned to us about creating something that is textural yet simple overall in it's presentation. To him it represents the way we write music. The blending of ideas to create one overall feeling. There is a great interview about it here:

Who is your favourite Canadian band?
We have so many favourite Canadian bands! The longest standing would have to be Chad Vangaalen, he is our home town hero. Cousins, Morgan Greenwood, Play Guitar are a few that we are consistently stoked on.

How did it feel to be nominated for the Polaris long list?
We were honored. A lot of our high school records were bought because of the Polaris prize music list, and was partly the reason for our introduction to Canadian music on a national level. To be on the same list as Colin Stetson and Tim Hecker is really humbling, as we consider both to be some of the best musicians in Canada.

What is your favourite distraction on tour?
Buying random things in truck stops and eating.

How did you end up choosing the name 'Braids'?
Braids is a symbol of how we function as a group and as friends. Everyone has an equal part and say and these ideas are married into a whole.

What are you most excited about this summer?
throwing dry ice into a pool.

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