Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Surfer Blood - Miranda

With their new EP out in more ways than it should be possible to release an EP, Surfer Blood have let anyone who pre-orders ‘Tarot Classics’ before its full release on 25th October get their hands and ears on a track in advance. Miranda retains all the trademark Surfer Blood sounds, except one pretty big feature. All the echo and reverb has gone in favour of a more clean-shaven sound. It’s a good track. Catchy riff, festival style bounce and it’s definitely radio-friendly.

What worries me though is how this could easily fit onto The Vaccines album, if The Vaccines were from California. Surfer Blood have got the right sound to be listened to, I’m just cautious that they may lose their identity should the whole EP be like this, especially after how good Astro Coast was. Still, I look forward to singing the name Miranda repeatedly in a crowd full of confused West-Coast music lovers.

By Braden Fletcher

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