Sunday, 13 November 2011

We Have Band - Visionary

It can be annoying sometimes, when a band has a truly awful name to muster up enough willpower to actually warrant them a listen. Having a stupid band name often puts extra pressure on a band as you already have a preconceived notion that they will suck, and most of the time they do suck (French Horn Rebellion, Beady Eye & Razorlight to name a few)

Fortunately We Have Band conquered their name in style with their 2009 debut WHB, a diverse record with sparkling electro-pop mixed with many an indie dancefloor favourite. 'Visionary' then is the first track to be released from their 2012 bound difficult second album. The song is a slight departure from the WHB of 2 years past, but shows signs of maturity and flourishing into a more progressed band. It doesn't quite hold the same fun factor as signature hit 'Divisive' but instead goes down a more grandiose route, with big synths and a pulsing Joy Division bassline.

It's a more polished effort and the siren style synths keep the listener's attention throughout. The only thing the track really lacks is a great big stomping chorus, but it's certainly enough to leave fans wanting more from this under-rated yet very promising band.

By Toby McCarron

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