Sunday, 6 November 2011

Summer Camp - Down

From She and Him to Slow Club, boy/girl duos are at their all time peak of popularity and Summer Camp are surely going to end up defining the genre with their innate charm and several layers of synthesisers. Having sent journos and music fans alike into thralls of excitement with their early tracks and Young EP, the band marked Halloween with the long awaited release of their first album ‘Welcome to Condale’ and latest single ‘Down’.

‘Down’ is easily one of the stand out tracks from the album and Elizabeth Sankey’s omni-perfect vocals douse it in syrupy gorgeousness. Synths filled with feedback provide the catchy background, making dancing irresistible, and the background repetitions in the chorus make it feel like a release from a 50s girl band. The song was complemented with a video from possibly the weirdest Halloween party of the year, demonstrating the quaint charm of a band who seem like they wouldn’t care if nobody listened to them. Summer Camp are making kooky a good thing again. And everyone’s listening to them.

By Jessy Parker

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