Friday, 11 November 2011

Bands to look out for #12

Azealia Banks
The music world is packed with solo female artists at the moment, so why not add another one into the mix? Although you might think that club friendly '212' is the first musical output from Banks, she's been building up her reputation for quite some time and been through rejection and hardship that have lead her towards the buzz that's been surrounding her music lately. Being a solo female artists nowadays seems purely about being different and eccentric to establish yourself from the rest of the pack, but Banks has stayed true to herself and despite having a spat with a certain record label, she's come on top and is ready to prove that she's here to stay. '212' is lyrically dark, shot with potent energy and Banks' spunky attitude shines as she spits each line out before you have time to digest the meaning behind the lyrics. A new generation of hip hop has arrived and Azealia Banks is the artist at the forefront of people's minds. 

By Aurora Mitchell

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