Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Teeth - U R 1

Teeth’s Whatever has been a vodka shot in amongst the heavily diluted releases of 2011. Quicker than Pacman trying to get away from ghosts and definitely not the kind of racket you’d enjoy your housemates waking you up with in the morning, Teeth use bleep synth loops and shouty vocals that creates music not far off Crystal Castles/Heartsrevolution. ‘U R 1’ starts off with crunching synth lurches and robotic vocoded vocals that sound like a computer slowly breaking down and carries on at the same pace; making it probably the most downbeat song on their debut. Short broken-down lyrics that don’t follow a rhythmic pattern serve to compliment the instrumental; similar to the abrupt nature of the synth loop. ‘U R 1’ is a strangely romantic song from the East London trio that recalls the juxtaposition of electronic beats and love themed lyrics from Daft Punk. 

By Aurora Mitchell

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