Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sissy & The Blisters - Interview

Coming from Guildford, this new energetic four-piece have created one of our favourite EPs of the year. Here's a quick Q&A with the band discussing future plans and the importance of radio play.

Q: How did you guys form?

A: We met in a pretty grim club in town. We were the only people there, so it just made sense.

Q: What was the genesis of the name ‘Sissy and the Blisters’?

A: All the good ones were taken.

Q: Did you have any of you have prior musical outfits before Sissy & the Blisters?

A: We've all been in a bunch of different bands growing up.

Q: You’ve gained a fair bit of radio attention from stations like BBC 6music, how important do you think stations like this are to new bands?

A: Massively important. Radio still has a big influence on music and can help bands like us get heard without people having to sift through all the shit that's on the internet. There's also a certain glamour to radio. Radio interviews and having your music played out worldwide can be a little more exciting and personal.

Q: You use a lot of organs on the EP, what is it about the organ that appeals so much?

A: It's a great instrument for melody with quite a distinctive sound. Most bands have guitars, bass and drums - it's nice not to have to stick to that.

Q: Do you prefer recording or touring?

A: I think every band kind of fluctuates between the two. It's fun spending ages in the studio, but after a while you get an itch to go out and tour and our live shows are definitely what define us.

Q: Do you have any other commitments despite being in the band?

A: James was almost committed...

Q: What is your favourite out of all the songs you have released so far, and why?

A: Everyone's got a different favourite and they're all conveniently on our new EP.

Q: What’s next for the band?

A: We've got a couple of tours coming up, but after that we're going to be working on a lot of new material that will hopefully be released in the new year

By Toby McCarron

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