Monday, 21 November 2011

Islet - This Fortune

Well then Islet, you took your sweet time didn’t you? Over a year since they released their still-great second EP ‘Wimmy’, they return in the manner most befitting them. No, not a sneaky red herring to lure us into believing that with time had come maturity, or at the very least some Ritalin, but instead Islet have sharpened their corners and streamlined their sound into something bigger and brasher and more glorious than anything to ever grace your ears. The percussion, so key to the allure of earlier material, still remains and whilst it now resides further back in the all-encompassing melee it still provides the propulsion that makes listening to Islet such a thrill. Couple that with walls of stomach churning groans and vocals that bounce and undulate, at once woozy and terrifying. From a band whose trade is throwing everything at the wall and not giving a shit if it sticks comes something that is lean and streamlined but still resolutely monstrous. This Fortune is available as a free download on Islet's website now!

By Ned Powley

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