Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Field - Looping State Of Mind

Swedish minimalist artist Alex Wilner comes back to the scene with third album ‘Looping State of Mind’. The Field sticks to the same tried and tested methods of heavily sampling and continuous looping that burrows into your mind. Whilst not being too different from his other two releases, Looping State of Mind has it’s own distinct style that makes the album stand out. Early promo single ‘…’ uses a piano as the main instrument continually looping the same melancholy beat. Rather than dabbling in solely electronic instruments, Wilner begins to embrace a much more natural sound.

However, the album does begin to feel over stretched and begins to become quite tedious as the same drum patterns seemingly play in each track. Even though credited as a strong influence in the minimalist genre, this album definitely lacks the same effect that previous releases had on release. Rather than progressing from minimalist dance beats, The Field has begun to sound quite outdated and bland.

By Robbie Baxendale

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