Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Vaccines - Wetsuit / Tiger Blood

As an owner of 'What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?' you’re automatically drawn to say "I didn’t expect much actually. Spot on prediction." This leaves you with both a feeling of self-assuredness and also the "why did I buy this and leave myself open to the wave of abuse that comes with it?" The answers are in plain sight. The Vaccines are a hype band who make music of little originality, lack-lustre lyrics and showcase barely a fraction of the art that front-man Justin originally made as Jay-Jay Pistolet. Worse still, The Vaccines are catchy, they must be stopped.

So is this double A side single their transition to a ‘proper’ band? Choosing Wetsuit , one of the standout tracks from their debut album suggests maybe. A melancholy and enjoyable four minutes from the short and snappy record, even the new instagram-styled video makes you dream of the summer and relive those ‘Glastonbury moments’. It’s sun drenched and reminds you that you kind of don’t want the Vaccines around during cold days, but they’re kind of nice on sunny weekends. Tiger Blood is on the flip side though and with all things taken into account, from pretty much every angle, it’s awful. The title makes you think of Charlie Sheen’s drama, whilst the intro and verse ooze tour boredom. The chorus is borderline offensive in both production and musical merit and don’t even get me started on the awful Albert Hammond Jr imitation of a guitar line. At least it’s short at 2:02. "Take it easy on me" sings Justin Young on Wetsuit. I’ll leave that one open.

By Braden Fletcher

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