Sunday, 20 November 2011

Echo Lake - Alisa

Until you get a feel for the song, there’s always that second you hold your breath when listening to a cover; will it ruin the original? And let’s face it you can’t re-write a classic, although there are the bands who have tried - failing miserably. So thank god Echo Lake chose a perhaps in-famous track to cover. However I take my hat off to Echo Lake for totally reinventing Ariel Pink’s “Alisa”.  First impressions were maybe the atmosphere was a bit of a mish mash, and the vocals didn’t quite click into the creative noise of the guitars, but once the tension built and the beat picked up, you get to the good stuff! Wispy guitar melodies, dreamy enchanting vocals, along with Echo Lakes tribal touch and overall shoegazing effect, gives the cover a whole new element. Not a tune to be listened to 10x over, however on a whim “Alisa” is a solid track with a lot of depth and a spooky persona.

By Ailsa Morris

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