Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Howler - Back Of Your Neck

I'll get this out of the way straight away, it's been mentioned before but it's nigh on impossible not to comment on the fact that Howler sound a lot like American indie poster boys The Strokes. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing on this new cut from their forthcoming excellently titled debut LP 'America Give Up'.

It's the sort of song you don't quite want to like, as Howler's rise to adoration is going to be almost unavoidable next year following extensive coverage in magazines like the NME, and touring with fellow benefactors of hype driven success The Vaccines around the UK this year. But anyway, 'Back Of Your Neck' is indeed promising and bounces with carefree rebellion. Singer Jordan Gatesmith's drawl is a moodier teenage impression of Julian Casablancas, and the guitars that simmer behind it are basic yet gloriously infectuous and slightly rockabilly. It's a short, sharp adrenaline dose, and the album looks set to be the most harmless fun indie music will have in 2012.  

By Toby McCarron

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