Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jessie J - Domino

Jessie J’s ‘Do It Like A Dude’ was a slightly irritating, yet somehow intriguingly different pop song. She showed us her personality and sense of humour in her video, as well as the confidence of knowing she was going to do well. The ‘Sound of 2011’ winner sprung to fame after gaining the Critic’s Choice Brit Award, and seemed to have a slightly loveable quality. Her edgy style and sleek black bob set her aside as something a bit different, but it seems she has abandoned this in a bid to win over the American audience.

Latest single ‘Domino’ is all too reminiscent of Katy Perry. In fact, ‘Domino’ is basically Jessie’s answer to ‘Last Friday Night’. The riff, the vocals and even the lyrics are almost exact to Katy Perry’s.  Jessie J sings, ‘we can do this all night, turn this club skin tight’ which is lyrically similar to that of Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’. The sugary pop melody of this song is just all a bit too much, and the Willow Smith style graphics in the video are just a bit try-hard. Jessie J may want to win over the American fans, but she needn’t lose her English crowd because of it. ‘Domino’ is just a wannabe Katy Perry song, and not even a decent one at that. After singing ‘just be true to who you are’, you’d think Jessie J would have thought twice before reinventing herself for the masses at the click of a finger. 

By Hannah Bettey

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