Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gross Magic - Yesterdays

Gross Magic, aka Sam McGarrigle, has been combining ELO-esque pop sensibilities with nods to a grunge revival via Ariel Pink style production and some falsetto vocals to create a potent mix. Currently touring with Yuck, the Brightonian pleasantly surprised the blogosphere with his ace Teen Jamz EP(which was surely unlucky to miss out on a place in our top EPs of the year list). ‘Yesterdays’ aptly demonstrates that this was no one off. Keeping the spaced out vocals from Teen Jamz, ‘Yesterdays’ heavily turns on the grunge vibe which Gross Magic have become known for. It's the kind of song that sounds ten times better when you’re high, as barely discernible lyrics are mixed in with various ‘na na na’s  but if you’re not careful the song slips past you. The trick of Gross Magic is that you instantaneously want to hear it again. 

By Jessy Parker 

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