Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gardens & Villa - Interview

It seems that new music is regaining credibility. With the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Gross Magic bringing a more nostalgic scene, this five piece from Santa Barbara bring a unique sound, combining several sub genres to make great music. Think Grizzly Bear, Metronomy and Neon Indian mixed into a blender and this would be the outcome. Their self titled debut is out now on Secretly Canadian. We talk to frontman Chris Lynch;

How does it feel being signed to Secretly Canadian?
We love SC! From the moment we began talks with them, we felt at home. They have a great vision for what a 21st century indie label should be and they treat their artists very fairly. Usually it doesn't even feel like they are our record label.. It feels more like they are family.

Which do you prefer, gardens or villa?
Gardens.. especially in the summer time.. Villas are great too.. But if you have a nice garden.. You can eat it!

What's the best live band you've seen this year?
The best band I have seen this year... Probably either "Youth Lagoon" (from Boise.. Our good friend who is coming out on tour with us in the fall!), "Hosannas" Our good friends in Portland.. Or  "Crimson Scarlet" (A local Goth-New Wave band from Santa Barbara) These are all up-and-coming bands that we have played with and love dearly.

How would you describe your sound?
I guess it is kind of groovy, psych-pop with heavy new-wave leanings.. Some have said we even have 90's Brit-pop sound.. Not sure about that one but it's kinda cool.. I like Blur.. hehe.

Can we expect a visit to the UK any time soon? 
YES!! We are crossing the Atlantic in October.. Very excited as we have never played in the UK or Europe.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?
Reflections on nature.. Flashbacks from our childhoods in the late 80s, early 90s.. Night dreams and day dreams. Mystical revelations., romantic encounters.. Life experiences and adventures.

Your song names have connotations with nature, do you enjoy nature when you're not touring?
Yes!! One of our favorite things in the world while were on tour is exploring the local hiking trails and swimming holes.. When we have time.. We are big camping/backpacking fans. Hanging out in the wilderness can totally recharge your batteries and re-connect yourself to your animal roots. It's great. 

You've recently supported Foster The People on tour, how was it?
The tour with Foster The People was amazing. Although our music styles are not exactly that similar.. It seemed like they complimented each other well and the crowds seemed very into it. The whole tour was sold out and we got to play venues like the "El Rey" in Hollywood.. Places that we have fantasized about playing since we were little boys. It was kind of a dream. Not to mention the dudes in FTP are really nice and fun to hang out with. We were sad to say goodbye last week.. Can't wait to hang with them again in Europe later this year..

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