Monday, 28 January 2013

Doppelgänger - Hate The Things You Love

The kind of impression you get when seeing a band like Doppelgänger live is analogous to when you see a lot of the bands with the same temperament perform. Taking inspiration from bands like Refused, Reuben, The Fall Of Troy, Bastions and Biffy Clyro (when they’re at their most moshiest), they do wear their influences on their sleeves, but that is by no means to diminish them; it’s what they do with it that makes them so enjoyable. You can see the energy fly out them, and you can hear it in the production of their recorded work. Having dropped their first EP ‘Playground Songs’ back in 2012, the band return with a new single. A little bit more straight forward than their previous material, that does not mean that they have lost the meat off their bones.

This song has many elements to it; the flaying guitar around the 1:15 mark is tense as fuck. A band like Doppelgänger understand the quality of a mosh-heavy riff, implementing at least three separate head-banging breakdowns throughout. And due to the tip-top production, duel guitaring and their bad-ass amp setup (i’ve seen it), the fullness of their sound definitely isn’t an accident. 

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