Sunday, 1 January 2012

Miike Snow - Devil's Work

Following their much-loved eponymous debut, Stockholm's favourite electro-pop pioneers Miike Snow are set to return on March 26th 2012 with a new album 'Happy To You'. Many will know Miike Snow from their signature hit 'Animal' a bouncy pop song at it's heart that managed to sneak its way into many people's heads, being appropriated from everything from Darwin Deez dance routines to episodes of Gossip Girl. So for anyone expecting more of the same, 'Devil's Work' may not entirely live up to hopes.

Instead of suave synths and catchy choruses, this new track deals in repeated piano loops and sweeping stabs of orchestration. It sounds rather a lot like Robbie Williams' Feel, but surprisingly doesn't carry as much of a tune compared to the aforementioned. However, lack of a good chorus aside, it's hard not to be swept away by the grand horn sections and the pomposity of Miike Snow's ambition, they're clearly aiming for a more advanced sound here and is perhaps an indication that the Animal is being tamed into a more assured beast.

By Toby McCarron

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