Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lana Del Rey - Off To The Races

In the lead up to Lana Del Rey’s debut full length ‘Born To Die’, she has released Off To The Races as a free single on iTunes. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Drake who released free tracks before the release of Take Care, it’s becoming clear that you can achieve success as an artist and in The Weeknd’s case, his whole career has been based upon the release of his trilogy of mixtapes that have set him up to be the next big thing.

With the huge success of ‘Video Games’, everyone’s breath is baited for each step Del Rey makes in her path to success. ‘Off To The Races’ is an entire world away from the aforementioned hit and takes a dominating role instead of commenting from a sulky corner of the room. As usual, she lets her male subjects take the spotlight as Del Rey quickly comments that ‘He has me by my heart’. But instead of indulging in 5 minutes of sad musings, she turns on a fiery edge as the vocals are harsh, a contrast to the doe-eyed innocence that she switches to for the chorus. ‘Off To The Races’ takes it up-tempo with a heavily produced drum machine beat but keeps the atmospheric orchestral undertones that have taken a more central role in previous songs. It’s beyond the stage of speculation on plastic surgery, her previous music venture and whether her career is PR fuelled and has turned into genuine adoration from fans and a heavy weight of expectation for her debut since there are many who would be happy to watch her fall flat. 

By Aurora Mitchell

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