Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cursive - The Sun And Moon

Cursive feel like a band who have been around for years but still retain their same original freshness and excitement, hardly surprising considering they’ve been making music together since 1995. After the darkness of 2009’s ‘Mama, I’m Swollen’ the band are back with follow up ‘I am Gemini’. ‘The Sun and Moon’ is the first track from the new album and it sees Cursive seguing into a slightly more mainstream rock vibe, leaving behind some of their post-hardcore roots. Starting with a familiar drum beat and guitar riffs it sees lead singer Tim Kasher rejecting his usual mumbly vocals for clarity and even some falsetto. Segueing from section to section the song twists and turns in a fairly enthralling manner managing to build up excitement before hitting a group chorus of crunchy guitar chords. Think ‘Pork and Beans’ era Weezer but still retaining the angsty undertones which have defined Cursive over the past decade or so.

By Jessy Parker

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