Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tennis - Deep In The Woods

It may be winter, but summer is still alive. Alive and thriving in the form of ‘Deep In The Woods’ – the B-side to recent single ‘Origins’. Tennis are excellent at making you feel warm and nostalgic, and this song is no exception. ‘Deep In The Woods’ is the sort of thing that makes you want to spin around in a field, or go for a bike ride to the beach. They have the wonderful 60’s vibe off pact – the psychedelic waves of synth whirling in the background. The tinkling piano adds an airy beat which makes you want to tiptoe around.  The drums are chilled, and the vocals are sweet, although verging on the edge of sickly at points. It’s a song that doesn’t tire easily, as their charm tempts you into hitting replay. Long live summer, in the form of Tennis.  

By Hannah Bettey

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