Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ASAP Rocky - Celebration

A$AP turns to his neighbour sitting at the next table. “I don’t have a dollar sign in my name for nothin’”. His neighbour smiles and raises his glass, before sipping at it awkwardly. A$AP looks around the room, and grins to himself. After five minutes of this self satisfaction, it’s his turn. He gets up from his comfortable wooden chair, and makes his way forward.

“Ladies and gentlemen... A$AP Rocky!”

He stands there, confronting the room with wondering eyes beneath his shades. He tilts the frames, up... and down... He slowly lifts his head, first up... then down... His grin widens. At the back of the room there is some movement. A synth enters the room. Somebody coughs. The synth tone clashes with the expensive walls and decor.

A spotlight flicks on. A$AP, now well lit, echoes a lyric from Kanye West’s homonymous track. “It’s a celebration bitches, grab a drink grab a glass, after that I grab yo ass”.

The synth finds a partner. A$AP releases an “uh”. The song bursts into life. Claps from both a drum machine and the audience drive it forward. An electric piano rolls down the right side of the room. The lead becomes frantic. The song prevails, the melody infecting the ears of the listeners. Between words A$AP repeats the smile of the audience.

It may not be a masterpiece, but it’s his celebration.

By William Hall

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