Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ninetails - Rawdon Fever

Despite being quite a new band, Ninetails are already an exciting sound. Taking conventional elements of math rock and indie rock, they neatly add in subtle smudges of progressive rock, giving things a soft and considered atmosphere. A follow-up single to their pay-anything debut EP, Ghost Ride The Whip (I'm not sure what it means either), Rawdon Fever takes more of a mellow approach than the stuff on the EP, which had more poppier elements to it.

 Though this is still poppy in the sense that it is immensely catchy, it isn't a song to dance to; more to quietly lose yourself to. The song paints very earthy, atmospheric colours, coated in a lot of reverb and echo, and long, held vocal notes. The pick-chords of this song are the things to be taken away, it's such an interesting exercise in harmony and melodies that even if you're feeling guilty for enjoying something so catchy, the beautiful ambience of it all settles you quite nicely, and makes you want to lie down in a big forest and absorb the sounds, as it feels linked to the nature around you. 

The musicians in Ninetails are clearly very technical and precise, and, from knowing one of the members of the band, Ed Black (guitarist/vocalist), they've crisply hit an intended sound that they can be comfortable with. 

By Eliot Humphries  

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