Thursday, 12 January 2012

Zola Jesus - In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)

Contain your excitement everyone. David Lynch, Godfather of weird, has remixed Zola Jesus’ “In Your Nature”. With Lynch being a huge influence on Nika Danilova’s music it’s a match made in heaven. The remix, which is the B side to the “In Your Nature” single, also ties in rather nicely with the fact that Sacred Bones are reissuing the soundtrack to Lynch’s Eraserhead on deluxe vinyl later this year.

Unsurprisingly Nika Danilova isn’t fond of remixes. She feels they’re rarely an improvement on the original song. With “In Your Nature” being one of the strongest tracks on “Conatus” with its thumping dance beats and high pitched strings anyone can see why Nika would be protective over her music but in her own words “when David Lynch asks to remix your song, you let him”.

The David Lynch remix follows the same structure as Zola Jesus’ original but the strings and synth beats are replaced with vocals that echo over steady drum beats, chilled guitars and Twin Peaks-esque keyboards that give the track an eerie yet uplifting feel. It could perfectly soundtrack the infamous Roadhouse’s Pink Room scene in Fire Walk With Me.

David Lynch has managed to make the song into something that competes with the beauty of the original track but still has his distinctive surreal and dreamy feel to it.

By Eden Young

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