Saturday, 31 December 2011

The History Of Apple Pie - Mallory

Despite having one of the dumbest band names ever, The History of Apple Pie have seen their star gradually rising since touring with American indie favourites The Drums and being tipped for 2012 by almost everyone. Playing the brand of scuzzy indie guitar music which has propelled Yuck to cult success this year, the band make hazy soundscapes with drawn out vocals which are reminiscent of warm nights and ‘Mallory’ doesn’t change a thing. Starting with a guitar solo that could have easily been mistaken from something off the Yuck album; it leads into female vocalist Stephanie Min crooning ‘Mallory’ for the majority of the song. And this is the problem with The History of Apple Pie. They sound exactly like Yuck but with female vocals. So while they manage to sound bored and exciting at the same time they aren’t breaking a new ground. Maybe it’s just the bands bad timing in releasing their first singles so soon after Yuck have hit the limelight, but unfortunately for The History of Apple Pie it feels a bit been there, heard that.

By Jessy Parker

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