Monday, 2 January 2012

Kindness - SEOD

So, what does Kindness sound like today? Has he gone prog? Has he called up Skrillex and had the world’s premier bastardiser cover him in his filthy bass? Well, no. He’s made a song that layers up a load of styles and lets them duke it out for supremacy. So the resultant mess starts off sounding like a (very classy) offcut from the Blood Orange album before transforming into a psych-tinged house number that devolves into saxophone squawks and an icy 80’s piano riff. Whilst Kindness’ musical offerings so far have been episodic in their individuality, SEOD seems like a gaggle of great ideas that have been thrust together instead of being given space to evolve on their own accord. Couple this with then news that their forthcoming debut will contain tracks written over two years ago, maybe Kindness’ well of ideas is running a little dry.

By Ned Powley

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