Saturday, 5 May 2012

Smoke Fairies - Blood Speaks

As the Smoke Faries' 'Blood Speaks' album opens, it sounds like Katherine Blaimire and Jessica Davies have managed to take Irish Celtic music and Pink Floyd and cook it up into one song. Intrigued? Perhaps you should be. After all, they were plenty talked about in the lead up to this years SXSW festival. An ideal album for spacing out to, as the gentle guitar is lullaby like. But that's not to say this album is background music; the lead singers voice is a unique beauty, raw and timeless.

The albums edgier tracks, 'Let Me Know' and 'The Three of Us' are ones to add to your driving play-list thanks to the cocktail of engaging lyrics, quirky choruses and an adequate dose of riffs. A personal favourite would be 'Take Me Down When You Go', as it is undoubtedly chilled yet I still want to dance to it (when I say dance I mean just waving my arms and bending my knees – it's one of the effects of the album.) Overall, the album sounds like sound track for looking out the window reminiscing, or similarly emotional activities.


Roisin Seaton

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