Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Cribs - Troxy 08/03/12

Following support sets from Martin Creed and Crocodiles earlier in the evening, the Cribs took to the stage at the Troxy, situated on an innocuous street in East London. Two days after the release of their 5th album even lead singer, Ryan Jarman, seems a bit surprised that they’ve managed to get this far. And who can blame him? The Cribs have become a firm fixture on the indie rock scene, their place cemented after Johnny Marr’s spell in the band.

But one album later, and with the Smith’s legend now departed, the 5th album has seen the boys from Wakefield return back to their roots in the form of loud guitar rock. Launching in with ‘Glitters Like Gold’ fans would have hardly been surprised if the Cribs had played through swathes of ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’. But the Jarmans know why people have come out tonight and play a career spanning set, packing in ‘I’m a Realist’ and ‘Hey Scenesters’ before they’ve even said hello.

‘Back To The Bolthole’ and ‘Don’t Believe In Me’ are a chance for the crowd to sample some of the new material, and the band’s energy means that even if ‘ITBOTBB’ wasn’t what you had hoped it to be, it’s still impossible not to enjoy yourself. In fact much of the new album sounds better live than it does on record, with the guitars louder and the raw energy of the songs more tangible. 

In fact, it’s The Cribs down to earth attitude which makes them such a likeable band. Ryan Jarman’s ripped jeans and self cut hair make him seen wonderfully genuine as he takes first album requests from the front, playing ‘Baby Don’t Sweat’. ‘Be Safe’ is one of the more powerful moments of the night, Lee Ranaldo projected behind the band to his spoken word verses while the crowd yell out the words to the chorus. The Cribs rip through ‘Men’s Needs’ before saying goodnight and finishing with ‘City of Bugs’. And just like that, the lights in the Troxy come back on. The band disappear without an encore and far from feeling disappointed, the crowd seem satisfied with a perfectly balanced set showing exactly why The Cribs became so popular in the first place. 

Words: Jessy Parker
Photos: Braden Fletcher

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