Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mowbird - Nannybird

More known as trashy skuzzy garage punk brats, Mowbird sit back and go alt for a short bit. This two-minute track - which sounds like a jolly mid-90s song from an early Saturday morning kids TV show on S4/C - was given away at their latest Wrexham show with Beach Skulls on the 26th of April. A one tracked CD, limited to eight, and the only information found is the word Nannybird, which is most likely a Welsh translation of their name (I mean, don't hold me to that, or nothin'). A simple, cute beat with a playschool-like keyboard flowering throughout the track, blanketed with a quite unusual, yet delightful sounding woman reciting some Welsh, turns out to be a disconcerting, yet rewarding combination.

I have included the song above for free download. Please, love each other and ride your bikes to far places listening to music like this. Also, the band are going to be playing Camden Crawl during early May (4th-7th), so if you happen to be going to it, do please show your beautiful spring faces and your tightly buttoned winter jackets. It's sure to be a lovely time had by all.

Eliot Humphreys

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