Friday, 11 May 2012

Blood Red Shoes - Manchester Academy 2 05/05/12

Dublin band The Cast of Cheers open up the nights festivities like a cheery Death From Above with insanely fast bass playing, synths and shouty vocals. There are some super fans in the crowd who scream along to every word and repeatedly shout “GOOSE!” (one of their songs, apparently) and you can tell the band find the fan-boys incredibly endearing. And so they should! It’s one of the liveliest welcomes I’ve seen for a support band in a while and they definitely deserve it.

The venue soon fills up and everyone eagerly pushes to the front. And it’s obviously because Blood Red Shoes’ stage set up is a thing of beauty. It’s a David Lynch inspired set with red curtains and table lamps, TVs displaying static and old fashioned film set lights. And it makes me fall in love with them even more. Stephen saunters onstage holding a drumstick in the air whilst Laura just oozes cool and they launch into their anti love song to Brighton, It’s Getting Boring By The Sea, that induces a mass sing-along. They race through a set that’s a perfect mix of songs from all 3 albums. From A.D.H.D. to newest single Lost Kids there is something to please every single type of Blood Red Shoes fan. Their set is punctuated with even more Lynch referencing “does anyone like Twin Peaks? And don’t just say yes!” and sadly, sexist heckling. Despite the few idiots in the crowd who are ignored thankfully, Blood Red Shoes put on an energetic live show that captures their grungey, 90s rock sound perfectly. And of course, in true 90s fashion pretty much everyone is moshing for the whole of their set.

Even though I had to dash off before the encore for a train my first ever Blood Red Shoes gig was not a disappointment and god knows why I hadn’t got round to witnessing their excellent live show before now. 

Words: Eden Young
Photos: Holly Read-Challen

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