Friday, 4 May 2012

Little Comets - Live @ Scala 26/04/12

So it’s come to this. After years of promoting their debut album, Little Comets appear to be reaching the end of In Search Of…’s run. With the ‘Worry EP’ and the forthcoming ‘Jennifer and Other Short Stories EP’ added to their repertoire, it’s going to be another busy summer for the troupe, but thankfully not one riddled with mundane repetition.

Tonight sees them play their largest headline show in London to date at Kings Cross’ Scala and the devoted attendees tonight have sold out the 1000 capacity venue, and early too. The support act tonight are one mixed up in conflict with themselves. Whilst they may have come and gone in silence under a series of name changes (Big Sleep, Talkhouse, The Slowdown), the 1975 appear to be settled, signed (Dity Hits; General Fiasco, Little Comets) and ready to charge to the top. Songs such as The City and underground hit SEX prove that they’ve got an array of music with enough charm for the top and enough electricity to pull those heights off. Whilst the crowd may be unfamiliar with the band as a whole half hour performance, they’re willing to enjoy themselves and you’d be hard pressed not to in this atmosphere.

So it comes to Little Comets. The band who’s debut album’s singles collection stands up amongst even the toughest touring bands look like they’ve finally hit the big time here. Opening with EP track ‘Worry’, it’s clear that a large segment o of the faithful assembled this evening are completely on board regardless of what happens and when they throw the likes of ‘Adultery’ and jumpy ‘Waiting in the Shadows of the Night’’ together in their set. It’s a huge testament to the passion of both fans and band how well the night goes as even weaker songs on the record are sung by fans. Objectively, they may not sound great, possibly even in the shadows of Two Door Cinema Club still, but when the party that comes with ‘Dancing Song’ is unleashed with huge singalong track ‘One Night in October’, anyone starting to doubt becomes wrapped up in the infectious nature of Little Comets’ charm, if just for a few minutes. Of course, no LC would be complete without one girl, so ‘Joanna’ makes a standout performance in the Tynesider’s show. 

No matter what way you look at it, Little Comets are catchy and they’ve got enough material to demolish festival sets, but it’s not going to be until they’ve got a second album are they truly going to be able to conquer inside venues. Still, a valiant effort in London’s proving ground leaves those in the building happy so for now, that’ll do. 

Braden Fletcher

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