Monday, 7 May 2012

Passion Pit - Take A Walk

It’s been three years but Passion Pit are finally back. The connoisseurs of sparkly electro pop have returned with ‘Take a Walk’, the first single from their soon to be released second album ‘Gossamer’ (July 23). ‘Take a Walk’ bids farewell to the falsetto vocals which Passion Pit used so well on debut album ‘Manners’ and it feels much more restrained than songs like ‘Little Secrets’ and ‘Sleepyhead’. But it’s undeniably them, as stomping percussion underlines a niggling synth line. If ‘Gossamer’ follows the same vein as this, Passion Pit are definitely going to come across far less niche than their first album made them seem. ‘Take a Walk’ isn’t half as exciting as most of the songs on ‘Manners’ but it’s at least nice to see them back.

Jessy Parker

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