Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Disclosure - What's In Your Head

Even though the UK’s booming garage/ 2-Step revival prides itself on community spirit and a focus on fun, its labyrinthine history and endless genres and sub-genres give of a definite whiff of wank. Yeah, SBTRKT can wear a mask but we all know he’s laughing behind it, “fools”, he thinks, “These are just Artful Dodger tracks sped up and pitch shifted!” Disclosure however, are playing a whole different game. Littered throughout “What’s In Your Head’s” hoppy beat and playful synth line are a plethora of samples that appear to have been culled straight from Pornhub. It’s all “oooohhh” and “feels so good” and at first it’s innocuous enough but soon enough it gets tiresome and dull, a cheap tactic employed for no discernible reason other than a cheap laugh. Given the pedigree of their previous releases it’s also rather worrisome.

Ned Powley

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