Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

As a true Regina Spektor veteran I had high hopes for her new album release, her past albums being able to brighten my mood any day with the quirky tunes and cheery lyrics she is renowned for. Thankfully she has not failed to produce such an album again.

Spektor often seems to give the impression that these songs we listen to reflect her life, and I guess this is why we are all left gagging for more. As the album moves on starting with the happy slap cords which we have all yearned for, the songs seem to become more powerful with more echoes of sharps and an eerie ambiance of the strings. It has such a mix of emotions it is an album which you could listen to regardless of your mood.

Her latest video “All the Rowboats” is available now on YouTube and it is a must see. It takes me back to when music videos use to be more creative, not just a contest to see who can hire the biggest breasts to dance erotically next to the star.

Regina is off touring around Europe throughout July playing in both Manchester and London. After reviewing this album I am desperately trying to get hold of a ticket to go see her in Barcelona before I venture to Benicassim festival. I’m positive that she would product a formidable concert with an incredible atmosphere. Overall, Regina has exceled herself in the creation of her new album worthy of a strong pat on the back. I am already keenly awaiting the arrival of album No.7. 


Storm Simpson

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