Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Florence And The Machine - What The Water Gave Me

The time has come we have all been waiting for and once again Florence Welch has used her witchy musical craft to begin what I am sure will be a great year for her, with a thrilling come back single. With the release of Florence and the Machine’s album out November 7th, our first mystical instalment has finally arrived. The question was if Florence Welch would trade her iconic sound which just over two years ago sailed her to the top of the charts for a different route, although I am relieved to say the realise of new single “What The Water Gave Me” has stayed true to Florence’s roots we all loved so much, however this time with a more soulful approach from album Lungs.

The single starts with an instant grabbing intro which grows gradually throughout the song, until we can not contain ourselves any longer and we are dancing around like a hippie, secretly pretending to be Florence. Yes the song has that effect! Folk-like chanting accompanied with a small choir, above twinkling harps, complex orchestral arrangements and a heavy smashing bass finally leads to her iconic quivering howl, adding that magical Florence loveliness we all love. I’m sure it will not be long until are twitter feeds are filled with lyrics taken from the song. Such as lyrics like “pockets full of stones” which was inspired by the death of English writer Virginia Woof, who drowned herself by filling her pockets with stones.

Florence’s two week stint with producer of album Lungs and new album out November Paul Epworth, seems to have paid off. Mind bogglingly feel good with that Florence and the Machine passion and excitement and thats “What The Water Gave Me”.  The mighty 5.32 minutes really isn’t enough to satisfy my Florence love though. Bring on November!

By Ailsa Morris

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