Thursday, 4 August 2011

Spectrals - Interview

Although not a man of many words, Spectrals (alias of Louis Jones) has managed to gain quite a good reputation for his music on the internet. After the release of his EP ‘Extended Play’, it has been confirmed that Wichita will be releasing his full length later this year. Intended for release earlier this year, ‘Bad Penny’ is late but you know what they say, better later than never. Behold a short but sweet interview with Louis Jones;

 How did the name Spectrals come about?
I saw the word when I was reading about ghosts and weird stuff on Wikipedia.
It's also a little nod to Phil Spector.

Have you ever used some of your first attempts at song writing in your music we can hear now?
No, the first song I ever did was a hardcore punk song called "Sort Your Life Out"  I'm not sure how I feel about that now.

Where did you record?
I recorded at Hall Place in Leeds with Richard Formby.

With the debut album soon to be released and having toured with the likes of Girls and Best Coast, what have you found more enjoyable - making the record, or getting out on the road and playing shows with other bands?
Making the record was one of the best things I've ever gotten to do, so that. I think going on tour is ace though!

Will there be any differences between the sound of 'Extended Play' and that of the forthcoming album?
Yeah, the album has got quite a bit more going on it I think, and it's all new songs, so it's moved on a little bit. It's not like I've gone Industrial Noise though. 
I saw your cd in HMV. How did it feel to see it on the shelves?
I was suited, my girlfriend sent me a picture of it on the shelves at Oxford St. HMV in London, it was next to Ronnie Spector!
 Do you dislike being compared to other bands?
Only rubbish ones.

Any festivals we can look forward to seeing you at next year in the pipeline?
Field Day, Beacons, hopefully a few European ones that I can't really talk about yet but will be a lot of fun if they happen.

If you could collaborate with any band/artist, dead or alive, who would you choose to do it with?
Elvis Costello or Blink-182. 
What's the biggest goal for Spectrals in the near future?
To keep doing songs and get my hair cut.

By Ailsa Morris and Joshua Barrow

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