Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tribes - Sappho

Tribes are the latest hyped guitar band to come out of Camden, and having supported the Mystery Jets as well as releasing an excellent EP, they seem to promise something new. Not in the sense that they are going to redefine their genre, but simply in that they are a band who seems to have the rare ability of writing good song after good song. Subsequent to the ‘We Were Children’ EP, Tribes return with new single ‘Sappho’.

Johnny Lloyd’s self assured vocals swagger over the track from the beginning; electric guitars and drums as a swooning compliment. Dropping down at first for the almost whispered chorus builds the tension as you can almost hear the attempt to add some controversial grime to the song. As the chorus is roared again to finish it off it is clear that ‘Sappho’ simply does not have the hooks or the sing along effect to draw in the listener. It all feels a bit similar to everything else coming out of Camden constantly.

The attention afforded to Tribes is growing every day suggesting that the masses like the song, so hopefully the album (due in January) will prove that ‘We Were Children’ was not a one off and the band can write some better hits than ‘Sappho’.

By Jessy Parker

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